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Life and Breath Photography is a full-service photography studio that specializes in families, weddings and corporate photography.  We want to capture the life and breath of whatever is important to you - your family, special moments or your business.  We are two photographers with years of experience in photography, marketing and communications.  Jamie and Lorry share a love of photography, family and giving back to their community. We have worked with various different industries, including real estate and non-profits, where we have extensive experience.

Jamie Canter

Loving Jesus. Trying to live the life he's called us to. Graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Wife to an amazing husband. Mother to three crazy kids. Texas native, photographer, bible teacher, foodie, occasional writer and speaker. I am also a technology nerd. I speak computer.

I have several passions:  Jesus, my family, photography, communications, clean-eating and healthy living.  No one will ever accuse me of being singularly focused!  I am constantly balancing my passions in life, so I relate to busy moms who are trying to do it all – and do it well!
Photography - I love to capture the life and breath of my clients.  That is why I make my photo shoots fun and engaging, so that the real you comes out on film.  I love taking pictures of families, seniors, brides, couples and I don’t mind going to several locations to shoot.  One of my strengths is working with kids.  I work with lots of ages and I am known for being silly and fun.  I don’t mind taking the time to connect with kids, so they can give me their real smile and unique self.

Jesus - My passion is for people to know Jesus - not what someone has told them, not what they've seen on TV and not what they even seen in church. I want them to know the true Jesus, the one found in the Bible. Everything you need in life can be found in the cross.  I love teaching the Bible, sharing the gospel and having conversations of faith with anyone who is searching for more to this life.  Jesus saved my marriage, gives me daily hope and has protected my kids in more ways than I can count and I love telling others what he has done in my life... 

Marketing & Communications - In addition to photography, I work as a Marketing & Communications Consultant.  For the past ten years, I have worked with different companies and non-profits.  My strengths are helping my clients discover their vision & strategy and then helping them communicate that through print, social media and even video.  I also LOVE planning creative events or coming up with creative, out-of-the-box ideas to help a business set itself apart from its competitors. 
Clean-eating – With many food intolerances, food allergies, stomach sensitivity and a lifelong battle with migraines, I know that what you put in your body can affect the way you feel.  To eat clean means that I try to eat food that is made from scratch and rarely anything that can be kept in the pantry for a long period of time!  It takes more planning and effort on my part, but it is so worth it!
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Lorry Tuttle

When she isn’t in the carpool line at school or running kids to dance, soccer or violin...Lorry can be found doing her favorite thing, taking pictures!  It could be of her dogs, her neighbor’s beautiful flowers or her kids!  It doesn’t really matter the subject, she just loves to capture those precious memories.  She has a true appreciation for life and knows first hand that it can change quickly, so capturing those memories is so very important to her.

Lorry is a mom of two beautiful, smart and very active girls.  She is the proud wife of Patrick, her high school sweetheart.  Actually, Lorry used to write her first name with Patrick’s last name on her crayon box in the 4th grade!  So their marriage was being planned a long time ago...Patrick just didn’t know it at the time.

Most of Lorry’s life work has been as a dance teacher and Volunteer.  She taught tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and lyrical for almost 20 years.  She loves seeing a child’s eyes light up when they learn something new. Lorry ran her own dance business for several years where she taught tap and ballet in local preschools. She loves working with and being around kiddos!

Lorry also has a true passion for Volunteering.  She has been in charge of her daughter’s elementary school yearbook for the last 5 years.  She does it all!  Everything from taking the pictures, designing the layout, editing, etc.  This volunteer position earned her the “Volunteer Of The Year” award at the school in 2013. Besides kiddos, Lorry also loves working our most precious generation, our Seniors.  Lorry grew up visiting nursing homes and visiting with our older generation. She has been a Volunteer for Meals On Wheels and More for the past 4 years.  Delivering meals to our older friends once a week is a true gift. The gift is received by Lorry when she gets to hear a special story about their past or is shown pictures of their grandchildren or even gets sung to on a weekly basis by one of her clients!

When Lorry was 20 years old, she was given the responsibility of managing 13 rental properties.  She did everything from collect payments to make repair calls.  This experience is the reason she began working with realtors to capture the essence of a home.  Through her photographs, she has been able to turn a “Retro” house with brown shag carpet and brown wood paneling into something very interesting!  That particular Retro house sold in just a couple of days for more than asking price after her photos were posted on MLS.  She knows how to focus on the positive, interesting aspects of a home even if it needs a little work.