by Jamie Canter on August 1st, 2017

​It’s one of the best years of your life...your Senior year of high school!  A year of fun times, great friends and looking ahead to a bright future.  But before you walk that stage, you’ve got to have your senior pictures taken!  And that’s where we come in…

We know this year will be one of the best, but also one of the busiest!  I'm sure you've already started making a mental list of all of the "Senior Stuff" that you have to get done!  There's a lot to do!  We can help you with one of those items on your list, senior portraits!  We love spending time with our Seniors...getting to know them, hearing about their big plans and capturing their unique spirit in front of the camera!

A lot of people wait until April or May to book those senior portraits and that's totally ok.  BUT, what if you booked early?  September and October are great months to shoot in!  One advantage of booking your senior session early is, then you get to use those pictures all year long!  You might need photos for a slide show, a program, parties and even for that college application!  So booking early will not only mark one thing off of that long list, but also benefit you all year long!

We have several great senior packages to pick from with prices starting at only $250.  We can also help you with invitations, thank you cards and more.  Looking for a custom app for you phone with all of your pictures in one spot?  We got you covered!  Does Mom want a large canvas of her favorite senior?  No problem!  We can help you decide on the right package that fits your budget and help with all of those extra items as well!

Are you a Hendrickson High School Senior?  Guess what...we have a HHS cap and gown!  So your session will automatically include a couple of great shots in the cap and gown.  Not your typical studio cap and gown shot, but a picture that you will love taken at a cool location!  Not a HHS student?  That's ok!  We can change the color of our cap and gown to match your school color!  

So go ahead and check out our site or give us a buzz to book that senior portrait session!  Start marking items off of that list now so you're not stressed about pictures at the end of the year! 
This is an example of the navy cap and gown that we turned purple to match this handsome young man's school colors!

by Jamie Canter on July 1st, 2017

We love getting to capture all of those sweet moments between a mom and her kiddos!  We also love spending time photographing Seniors who are about to start a whole new journey. And babies...don't get me started!  We could photograph newborns all day!  But did you know that we also love helping out local Real Estate Agents when they have a new listing?  

We do Real Estate photography a little different at Life and Breath Photography.  I mean, you're still going to get great photos that will beautifully showcase your listing, but you're also going to get a lot more!

*  We know you're busy!  So we schedule a time to photograph the house that works with YOUR schedule.  It usually takes about an hour to shoot an entire house including the inside of the home, front yard, back yard and any neighborhood amenities.  

*  We know you need those pictures back fast!  Our turn around time is less than 24 hours and in most cases, you'll get those pictures back in just a couple of hours!  Fast huh?

*  We provide a full virtual tour that is customized for each Agent.  It's also mobile and tablet optimized so it looks great on any device.

*  Worried about the cost?  Our price is very competitive, we charge the same price for every house (square footage doesn't matter) and best of all, every 5th tour is always FREE!

*  We also advertise your listing on our Facebook page to all of our clients!  Nope, no extra fee for this!

*  Need your property staged?  No problem!  We work with an amazing Stager who's husband is also an Agent, so she knows exactly the look you need in order to sell a home!

So if you are a Real Estate Agent looking for someone to photograph your property listing, give us a call to schedule your photo shoot!  We make it easy and promise to make your listing stand out from the rest! 

by Jamie Canter on June 5th, 2017

​What a stunner she is! Beautiful on the outside and super sweet on the inside. She's headed to Texas State in the Fall and hopes to join the medical field. She definitely has a heart for helping people! Happy Graduation Sarah!

by Jamie Canter on June 5th, 2017

​​They met at a bible study called Boy Meets Girl. The sequel should be called Boy Marries Girl, since they are planning a fall wedding. It was so easy to capture love between these two. They had a natural intimacy and spark that was sweet to see.  We can't wait to capture all their special moments at their wedding.

by Jamie Canter on May 24th, 2017

A cake smash is a super fun photo shoot that most people consider doing for their one year old!  But why can't the adults have some fun, too?  Danielle turned 40 this year and we celebrated by doing an Adult Cake Smash!  Talk about a fun photo shoot!  There was cake everywhere, she dressed up in a tutu and tiara...I'm talking serious fun!  Happy birthday lady!!


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